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Bredimus Insurance Agency

Founded in 2000, Bredimus Insurance Agency has been helping individuals and small business owners navigate the complicated world of Health Insurance and Medicare.

In 2008 when my father turned 65, he asked me for help to understand his Medicare options. He was comparing the benefits offered to him as a PERS retiree to what he could find on the individual market. As the family insurance professional, I was happy to help and confident that I could make a suitable recommendation with ease.

Much to my surprise, Medicare is not easy to understand. I remember thinking, “This is alphabet soup! How does anyone figure this out?” I reached out to a friend who specialized in Medicare and asked him to meet up with my dad to go over his options. I learned two important things that day as my friend explained his choices:

  1. Medicare is very complex. (My inner insurance nerd was intrigued and fascinated.)

  2. It is best to talk with an independent broker. (My friend did not sell the plan that was the best fit for my dad.)

Clients pay the same price whether they choose to figure it out themselves or lean on my years of expertise as a local, independent Medicare insurance broker. For me, it's not just business; it's an honor and a privilege to educate and guide clients through this process.

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